Peter and the Wolf

if you seek, you will find any music

Sergej Prokofiev


Once, over a hundred years ago  in Russia, theire happend in a meadow behind Peter's grandfather's house, the story of Peter and the Wolf.

Peter was staying with his grandfather, and in his room he had a view of the wide green meadow that overlooked a mysterious and dark forest.

Early one morning as the first rays of light crept in the window of Peter's room, Peter woke up and got dressed as fast as he could. Peter was very energetic and couldn't wait to go outside and play. In his grandfather's backyard was a gigantic tree that Peter loved to climb and a tall stone wall with a strong metal gate that kept Peter out of the dangers that lurked in the forest beyond the meadow.





As soon as Peter was dressed he ran outside into the backyard to climb his favorite tree. The tree hung over the large meadow which Peter found tempting. In the middle of the meadow was a crystal clear pond. Peter thought that it would be lots of fun to run around and sing and play in the meadow. He was aware, however, of the numerous warnings from his grandfather not to go into the meadow. Peter wasn't afraid of the dangerous animals in the forest so he went anyway.

  Peter opened the gate and ran into the meadow while singing a song. After a while Peter heard someone singing a song. It was a bird, chirping along while flying graciously through the sky.

"Hello bird," Peter said. "Isn't it a lovely day outside?". Peter was very happy to have someone to sing with. Peter and Sacha the bird sang together while approaching the cool pond in the middle of the meadow. At the pond they met a chubby, yellow duck. HEr name was Sonja. The duck and the bird immediately began to quarrel as they decided which one was a better bird.

"What kind of bird are you if you can't fly?" chirped the bird, "what kind of bird are you if you can't swim?" quacked Sonja. They continued to fight not paying attention to anything that was going on around them. Peter was paying attention however and he heard his Iwan the little tomcat creeping out into the meadow, ever so quietly. Iwan spotted the bird and couldn't wait to have lunch. The tomcat crept closer and closer to the bird, it was ready to pounce when, "look out!" cried Peter to Sacha, the bird quickly flew out of the reach of the tomcat and onto a limb of the tree in Peter's backyard.


"What are you doing out here in the meadow?" asked Peter's grandfather. "I have told you time and time again that it is no place for you to play. There are dangerous animals in the forest just beyond the meadow. Do you want them to eat you?" Peter wasn't afraid of any animals but his grandfather dragged him back behind the safety of the wall and locked the gate.

 Just as Peter got onto the other side of the gate a wolf came lurking out of the forest. Iwan was asleep on the ground for he new it wasn't worth the trouble of climbing the tree to catch the bird because the bird would fly away before he could get there. The wolf crept closer and closer. The bird quickly noticed the wolf and chirped alarmingly at Iwan  and Sonja. The tomcat quickly awoke and climbed up into the safety of the tree.



 Sonja however quacked so franticly with fear that she jumped out of the pond and started to run for Peter's backyard. The duck waddled as fast as she could but the wolf was much faster. The wolf came closer and closer and finally "gulp." The wolf swallowed Sonja whole.


Peter was watching and quickly ran outside. On his way to the tree he grabbed a nearby rope so that he could catch the wolf. Peter climbed up the tree with the rope draped around his shoulders. When Peter reached the limb that went out over the meadow he crawled to the edge of the limb. Peter asked the bird to distract the wolf as he set his trap. Sacha acknowledging the fact that Peter had saved his life earlier that day, agreed to help. The bird flew straight at the wolf's nose and right as the wolf was about to catch the bird, it flew away.

The bird continued this as Peter was setting his trap. Peter tied one end of the rope to the tree limb and the other end into a loop. Peter lowered the loop very slowly until it was around the wolf's tail.

Peter quickly tightened the loop around the wolf's tail and screamed for the hunters. The hunters came very quickly and were about to shoot the wolf.



But Peter don't like that hunter shoot the wolf. So the hunters bound the wolf and led him into the village, where would be a large celebration, all were glad that the bad wolf could do nothing more now to them. And since this time the wolf lieves in the zoo.

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